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    » rspective | pragmatic software house | node.js | web | mobile | saas | salesforce

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    » We are a pragmatic software house. We deliver IT and software development services for startups and fast-growing companies. Let us be your CTO and Tech Team!.

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    • startups
    • software development
    • custom software
    • tailored software
    • bespoke
    • nearshoring
    • outsourcing
    • javascript
    • node.js
    • java
    • saas
    • bookatiger
    • book a tiger
    • mobile apps
    • android
    • ios
    • nosql
    • nodeschool
    • ruby
    • rails
    • python
    • machine learning
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    • » 15 times : github
    • » 14 times :
    • » 5 times : book a tiger
    • » 4 times : full-stack ninja
    • » 3 times : our clients
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    • » H1 (13 times) :
      • pragmatic software house
      • Key services
      • Our clients
      • Testimonials
      • Want us to work for you?
      • We help startups grow.
      • Pragmatism as a service.
      • Pick the right tools.
      • We move the needle.
      • Team of ninjas
      •  We are hiring!
      • Blog & Company news
      • Want to know more?
      • more
    • » H3 (13 times) :
      • Startups
      • Software development
      • mobile apps
      • BOOK A TIGER
      • SEMPER
      • Jodel
      • SAS Institute
      • SWARM
      • 7PLANS
      • KISI
      • Nodeschool
      • ViaCRM
      • Winners Group
      • more
    • » H4 (44 times) :
      • #softwaredev #startups #web #mobile #fullstack #nodejs #saas #paas #cloud #salesforce #lean #sparta #agile
      • We help fast-growing companies scale and automate their operations from IT perspective.
      • You do the product. We do the tech. Fasten your seatbelt, we go super fast!
      • Full-stack software ninjas available for hire. Like now!
      • E-commerce is going mobile. Be sure to get there before anyone else does!
      • We specialise in e-commerce marketplaces covering: CRM, customer tracking, funnel optimisation, payment solutions, resource auto-allocation, customer service automation, invoicing, content mgmt, enhancing scalability, telco and storage solutions, data analysis.   This post explains our key services in detail.   Want us to work for you? Click to hire us
      • We are the core tech team behind BOOK A TIGER - a skyrocketing Berlin startup. We build their professional service marketplace incl. websites, mobile apps, daily ops automation, resource auto-allocation, CRMs, CMSs, BI. Tech: node.js, 40+ SaaS tools, salesforce, heroku, twilio, stripe.
      • Introducing a semantic network aided algorithm to automate content generation for Semper (formerly UnlockYourBrain) - a disruptive e-learning app with a community of 1M+ people.
      • Jodel is an app that gives you a live feed of what the community is saying around you. rspective helps Jodel out with the large scale (800k+ installs) on the architecture and dev-ops side.
      • Technical consulting, developing a set of scalable and performance-critical software components that leverage integration of SAS software with external banking systems.
      • Swarm takes B2C marketing technology to the next level with their loyalty mobile apps and PoS integrations. We help Swarm roll out new brands and features on all fronts. Tech: node.js, io.js, React.js, ReactNative, docker
      • Online marketing & TV campaign solutions, dynamic video retargeting, advanced customer analytics. While 7plans crunches unsolvable business problems, we keep their IT up and running.
      • KISI is a scalable smart lock and keyless access solution for your office. rspective helps KISI iterate on the product by providing a dedicated full stack software team. Tech: JavaScript, ReactJS, Ruby.  
      • Nodeschool is a world-wide initiative based on open source workshops that teach web software skills. rspective is first to bring these workshops to Poland & build a great community around it!
      • Orange BIHAPI winner. Complaint mgmt platform that lets people easily submit their opinions via website, email, mobile app, SMS & phone! Handy reports make it easy for the business to pinpoint and monitor the most critical hotspots. Tech: Node.js, AngularJS, MongoDB, Twillio, WebRTC, Android, Dropbox.
      • Mobile apps for iOS 7 & Android, websites for various brands.
      • Nikita Fahrenholz CEO at BOOK A TIGER
      • Bart Ploskonka Country Manager at WinnersGroup
      • Michał Wojnicki SAS Institute Polska
      • Michał Cwajna CEO at Mobbe
      • Orange Labs (BIHAPI)
      • Drop us a line, we'll get back to you promptly.
      • We are the tech team behind BOOK A TIGER - a skyrocketing Berlin startup.   We automate their daily ops (from resource allocation to invoicing), optimize the funnel and deliver unique customer experience from day one, with Salesforce and 30+ other SaaS services, incl. CRM, CMS, email & phone providers, online payments, cloud hosting & storage, complex invoicing and mobile apps.
      • We love to leverage cloud services to do the heavy lifting - this adds a lot of value instantly. We have experience integrating dozens of SaaS and PaaS services.   The less custom software, the better. You don't need a ton of code that soon turns cumbersome in maintenance, do you?      
      • There's no one-size-fits-all. We choose tech stacks pragmatically.   Lightweight node.js web apps, angular.js and react.js frontends, Android & iOS apps, heavy & performant Java backends, Ruby spikes, cloud-ready scalable architecture, dev-ops, full-text search solutions, and tons of SaaS.  
      • We are pragmatic. We continuously adapt to what makes sense for your business. We value simplicity and transparency.   Thanks to all that, we make things happen in no time. And we can do rocket science - yep, we've done that before!        
      • We are a small company. That's good, we want to keep it that way. Thanks to that, we move fast and are always one step ahead.   rspective counts 15 trusted and razor-sharp individuals with 5+ yrs of experience in their fields of expertise. Together we form a truly outstanding team.
      • Tomasz Pindel
      • Paweł Rychlik
      • Michał Sędzielewski
      • Błażej Andraszyk
      • Marcin Polak
      • Adrian Wilczek
      • Wojtek Gawroński
      • Marcin Róg
      • Łukasz Wiktor
      • Tomasz Sikora
      • Paweł Janik
      • Michał Moczulski
      • Maciek Andraszyk
      • Paweł Hajduk
      • Node.js, Angular.js, React.js, heroku, Twilio, Stripe, Mixpanel, Salesforce, Dropwizard, Chef, Contentful, vagrant, ruby, git, elasticsearch and even good old Java. Do you speak it? We’re hiring a pragmatic, committed and responsible full stack developer. Join us and don’t miss the opportunity to work on outstanding software with top-notch developers!   A perfect candidate: is a hands-on Javascript or Java hacker speaks IT business language and fluent English knows bash spells or machine learning applications knows how to build robust and reliable systems enjoys being pushed out of the comfort zone Your job will be to: build new features in dynamic startup environment using the latest technologies, drive product development, advise on architecture choices and tools, explore technologies, be creative and push things forward, inspire other people, share knowledge, and more. We offer: an opportunity to grow in international software and product development environment working at our HQ in Katowice or home office coffee Say hello at
      • CTO & tech team for hire! | Software development for startups | Building and shipping software faster | Mobile app development | Effective nearshoring | Polish node.js community   rspective P. Rychlik sp. j. VAT-EU: PL9542742375, KRS: 0000453920 ks. mjr K. Woźniaka 7, 40-389 Katowice, Poland Prinzessinnenstraße 19, 10969 Berlin, Germany © 2015
      • more
    • » H5 (39 times) :
      • I find the partnership with rspective very rewarding. Iteration speed is fast, and the team encompasses a holistic view on tech requirements as well as business need.
      • rspective constantly proves to be a great fit in a distributed product team. Highly recommended!
      • With impressive software and communication skills, rspective is able to deliver reliable and performant software for the business intelligence & banking sector. Their commitment and flexibility helps us efficiently roll out the integration with our clients’ systems.
      • I like rspective for their engineering talent. They combine open communication with great knowledge in web & mobile technologies. Without their commitment we wouldn’t have released our product that soon - thanks guys!
      • rspective is the first to bring nodeschool workshops in Poland!   @nodeschoolpl interesting meeting, really attractive form, thanks for spending your free time to help newbie in nodejs.
      • ViaCRM [a rspective product prototype] is the first passenger relationship management in the world!
      • co-founder full-stack ninja
      • Leader & project manager, experienced in end-to-end agile, lean software delivery. Strives for simplicity & pragmatic approach. Enjoys football and alpine skiing., @tpindel, github
      • co-founder back-end ninja
      • Pragmatic software ninja & pm, fan of transparent processes and simple solutions. Unstoppable snowboarder and biker., @pawelrychlik, github
      • co-founder full-stack ninja
      • Software project manager, values individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Enjoys running, jazz and reportage.
      • front-end ninja
      • Highly skilled software dev focused on usability, simplicity & continuous improvements. In free time enjoys football, volleyball and computer gaming., github
      • mobile ninja
      • Likes clean and simple code, in love with mobile technologies, especially Android, focused on creating polished and responsive applications helping end-users achieve their goals painlessly., github
      • full-stack ninja
      • Software enthusiast, fan of simple but efficient code. Fullstack programmer with special love for Java and Node.js. In free time jogging, sailing or skiing., github
      • ninja architect
      • Passionate software engineer. Focused on delivering value and getting things done. Enjoys building distributed systems and functional programming. Bookworm, active member of OSS community & fan of good music. blog, github, @afronski,
      • full-stack ninja data scientist
      • Full-stack developer with a sharp analytical mind. Focused to constantly develop his skills, and to share the knowledge with others. After hours - marathon runner and stock market wizard.
      • full-stack & mobile ninja
      • Software engineer aiming to create clean and robust solutions. Keen on new technologies. Fan of functional programming. Likes to spend free time actively., github, stackoverflow,  @LukaszWiktor
      • full-stack ninja
      • JavaScript/Node.js/React.js developer, DevOps culture fan. Addicted to music, almost all kind. github, @frakti,
      • full-stack ninja
      • Enthusiast of JavaScript, open to new technologies. Not afraid of challenges, enjoys solving complex problems. In his spare time he likes to develop his skills, work out on gym and relax with good music., github
      • full-stack ninja
      • Javascript developer mostly focused on backends. Solid Java background. Clean code enthusiast, likes challenges and learns new things quickly. Enjoys walks with his wife, running, biking, books and good music. github,, @ma_moczulski
      • full-stack ninja
      • Enthusiast of js / Node.js / React.js, bearing in mind C# and .Net skills, open for new technologies. Likes to deliver simple but efficient solutions and keep things organized. Enjoys board games. github,
      • mobile ninja
      • Software developer focused on mobile technologies. Big fan of Android platform. Pragmatism during product development makes him happy. Privately fan of rock music and gym. github,, blog
      • contact (at)
      • +48 791 982 510
      • rspective
      • @rspective
      • more
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    • Description : We are a pragmatic software house. We deliver IT and software development services for startups and fast-growing companies. Let us be your CTO and Tech Team!
    • Keywords : startups, software development, custom software, tailored software, bespoke, nearshoring, outsourcing, javascript, node.js, java, saas, bookatiger, book a tiger, mobile apps, android, ios, nosql, nodeschool, ruby, rails, python, machine learning
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    • og:title : rspective | pragmatic software house | node.js | web | mobile | saas | salesforce
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    • og:image :,g_faces:center,h_300,q_90,w_300/kfte8myajhmovicveuzk.png
    • og:site_name : rspective | pragmatic software house | node.js | web | mobile | saas | salesforce
    • og:description : we are a pragmatic software house. we deliver it and software development services for startups and fast-growing companies. let us be your cto and tech team!
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    • twitter:title : rspective | pragmatic software house | node.js | web | mobile | saas | salesforce
    • twitter:description : we are a pragmatic software house. we deliver it and software development services for startups and fast-growing companies. let us be your cto and tech team!
    • twitter:image :,g_faces:center,h_300,q_90,w_300/kfte8myajhmovicveuzk.png
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