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    » a2ru - Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities

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    » Committed to transforming research universities in order to ensure the greatest possible institutional support for interdisciplinary research, curricula, programs and creative practice between the arts, sciences and other disciplines..

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    • a2ru
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      • A2RU
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      • About
      • Partners
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      • Grants & Organizations
      • Knowledge Base
      • Sandbox
      • Submit
      • New to the Knowledge Base:
      • a2ru Partners in Times of Higher Education University World Rankings
      • a2ru Heads to D.C. in December for NAS Workshop
      • a2ru Selects Transdisciplinary Exemplars for the 2015 a2ru National Conference
      • The Worlds of Gaming and Opera Collide for OPERAcraft
      • NEA: Research Art Works Grant Opportunity
      • 3D Meteorological Experience: Tornado in the Cube
      • The Living Arts Summer Residential Lab (LASRL)
      • Tweet Seats Master Class Enhance Students’ Education
      • The Cube at Virginia Tech is a Data Exploration Facility Like No Other
      • Beyond the Creative Campus: Higher Education and the Creative Economy
      • Tactile Art Device Helps Children with Autism
      • a2ru Call for Proposals: August 17th Deadline for Third Space Transdisciplinary Exemplars
      • a2ru Receives Second Round of Funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
      • Art Class Brings Science to the Studio at UAB
      • Arts Business Initiative: Program Summary and Materials
      • a2ru 2015 Annual Report
      • The Expanding Role of the Arts in Research Universities
      • Winners of the a2ru 2015 Challenge Grant Announced
      • From the Outside In: The Benefits of Arts-Integration to Arts Practice
      • Student Perspectives on Arts-Integrative Interdisciplinary Training on a2ru Campuses
      • Redefine Design: The Artist in the 21st Century
      • Student Composers Use Survivors’ Songs for Auschwitz Ceremony Music
      • Idea Hatching: Facilitating Interdisciplinary Teams
      • a2ru Emerging Creatives 2015 Challenge Grant (Deadline: March 1st)
      • Seeing/ Sounding/ Sensing: CAST’s First Symposium Investigates the Senses and Being Aesthetic
      • MIT STARTUP Supports Arts-Based Entrepreneurship
      • Fourth Annual 42 Hours of Re_Creativity Competition
      • Round II Interim Report: Co-Curricular Programs
      • Internet2 Day at Nebraska: Long-distance Musical Rehearsal
      • a2ru Digital Repository
      • The a2ru 2014 National Conference at ISU
      • USC Alum, Virus Expert Team Up on “The Last Ship”
      • Take it From Medical Clowns: Humor Can Heal
      • Video Game Combines Art, Science, and Learning
      • Dr. Steven J. Tepper Appointed Dean of the Herberger Institute
      • Mellon Research Videos Featured on a2ru YouTube Channel
      • What Makes a Song Really Sing?
      • USC and WIRED Team Up for Online Master’s Degree
      • New NEA Resources for Arts-Based Community Development
      • Small Play Big Societal Impact
      • On Disciplinarity, Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity
      • Antidisciplinary Contributions: Making a Difference
      • Mandorla of Life Sciences and the Arts: A Lecture Series
      • Post-Disciplinarity: Student Expectations
      • UAB Fabric Artist Works with Community on Installation
      • Designing Solutions to Community Problems
      • Impediments to Arts Integration
      • On Collaboration
      • The Perfect Space to Spark Creativity and Disruption
      • The Arts: Meaning and Purpose
      • ISU Researcher Strives to Improve Touch Communication
      • Disciplinary Vernaculars: Separated by a Common Language
      • High-Tech Trash Man: Professor Develops Explosion-Resistant Waste Receptacles
      • The Arts: The Empty Space Around What Is
      • Lighter Than Air Competition Introduces Engineering Thought Process
      • Hybrid Learning: Iowa State Integrates Engineering With Arts
      • Etching Sand Castles On A Single Grain Of Sand
      • Rebirth of Images: A Global Dialogue on Spirituality and the Arts
      • a2ru 2014 National Conference Agenda
      • The Exploding Universe of Multimedia at USC
      • Patricia Olynyk Interviewed in NEA Arts Blog
      • Writer and Composer Class
      • Student Wins Travel Award to Study Poverty-Reduction Efforts for Quinoa Producers in Ecuador
      • Higher Education Video Game Alliance (HEGVA) Launched
      • Journal of Animal Science Cover Features Iowa State Student’s Illustration
      • Wonderland Unbound at USC Doheny Library
      • Integrating Science and Technology with Design to Improve Law-Enforcement Apparel
      • Arts-Integrative Interdisciplinary Efforts on a2ru Campuses
      • Design for Safety: Preventing Tractor Rollover Fatalities
      • Living Arts: End of Year Symposium
      • IMAX Theatre and Immersive Lab to Push the Boundaries of Filmmaking
      • Resonating MIT
      • Where Neuroscience and Art Meet
      • The Importance of an Interdisciplinary Education
      • Making Music From Particle Energy
      • Taking Cues From Ancient Architecture For Modern Sustainable Design
      • Kinetic Art
      • Break Down Barriers Between Disciplines
      • Seeing / Sounding / Sensing
      • Innovative Student Designed Video Games Unveiled at USC
      • The Edge Effect in Art and Science
      • Creating Careers of the Future
      • Mixing Art And Entrepreneurship
      • Iowa State University Engineers Attend Emerging Creatives Conference
      • Art and Science Meet in New Fellows Program at WUSTL
      • Seeing Beauty in a Materials Science World
      • Design Across Scales
      • Integrating the Arts Across Disciplines
      • A Computer-Controlled Disco Dance Floor
      • Introduction to Storytelling
      • Olafur Eliasson Brings Little Sun Project to MIT
      • Memory, Aging and Expressive Arts
      • Retaining Identity: Exploring the Role of Creativity in Healthcare
      • The Creative Approach Strikes a Chord with Students
      • Advanced Graphic Design Students Partner for UNL Drought Symposium
      • It’s Not Fashion, It’s Architecture
      • A Conversation on Interdisciplinary Collaboration
      • Sparse Matrices and the London Electronic Music Scene
      • NEA Guide to the U.S. Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account
      • Who Knew? Arts Education Fuels the Economy
      • Emerging Creatives: Patricia Mullaney-Loss (University of Maryland)
      • Chimerizations
      • Beyond STEM to STEAM
      • Carnegie Mellon Partners with Steiner Studios and NYC To Create Integrative Media Program
      • Emerging Creatives: Grace Young (MIT)
      • Emerging Creatives: Cindy Chen (University of Utah)
      • OpenGrounds Student Scholars Attend a2ru Emerging Creatives Student Conference
      • Book Wings: International Writing Program
      • Learning to Think Outside the Box
      • A Report on a2ru’s Emerging Creatives Student Conference
      • Stanford d.school Bootcamp Bootleg
      • Trevor Paglen’s “The Last Pictures”
      • Tips on Staying Creative from Noma Star Chef René Redzepi
      • MCubed
      • Conference at IUPUI Explores Transdisciplinary Approach to Problems with Earth’s River Systems
      • Creative Storytelling and Choreography
      • Hybrid Action: Physical Intelligence in Digital Culture
      • Art Sparks Creative Aspects for Engineering Students
      • First Stanford Code Poetry Slam
      • SHARE Handbook for Artistic Research Education
      • A Florence for the 21st Century
      • The Intersection of Art and Science
      • The Imagine Engine at the Intersection of Science and Art
      • Products of Design Thinking
      • Student POV: Interdisciplinarity in Seven Steps
      • Let’s Bring the Polymath and the Dabblers Back
      • The Physics Behind Photographer Stanley Greenberg’s “Time Machines”
      • Nanocosmos
      • Visual Literacy, Beyond Linguistic Communication: A Collaborative Research Project
      • Interdisciplinary Honors in the Arts
      • Teamwork: Interdisciplinary Communication
      • 42 Hours of Re_Creativity
      • USC Arts School Changes Name
      • USC and Pacific Asia Museum Form Alliance
      • Arts After Dark
      • Interdisciplinary is the New Black
      • An A-Z of Art and Science
      • The Polymath: Master of Many Trades
      • Learning to Think Critically: A Visual Art Experiment
      • Why Focusing Too Narrowly in College Could Backfire
      • Tattfoo Fan and the Art of Disaster Preparedness
      • NASAD: Assessment on Our Own Terms
      • The STEM Crisis: Reality or Myth?
      • UNL Art and Art History Launches Art at Cedar Point
      • Living Arts: An Interdisciplinary Living and Learning Community
      • University Artist-in-Residence Report
      • Gypsy Pond Music XV Syllabus: “Organism”
      • Creative Process UARTS 250/550
      • A Dialogue of the Senses
      • Gypsy Pond Music XV – “Organism” Event
      • Multimedia Orchestra Performances at University of Maryland
      • MIT Visiting Artists Program
      • ArtsEngine National Project: Arts on Earth Survey
      • Practicum in Digital Cultures and Creativity
      • Seminar in Digital Cultures and Creativity: Expanded Media
      • Art and Environmental Action Student Scholars Program
      • The Umbrella Project
      • Behind the Scenes at the Walters Art Museum: Images from the Hubble Space Telescope
      • Behind the Scenes at the Walters Art Museum: Material Migrations
      • The History of Musical Instruments
      • Arts Experience and STEM Innovation
      • Technical Art History
      • Architectural Geometry
      • MIT’s Glass Band
      • Evolving Design Education for the 21st Century
      • Digital Art and Textuality Alliance (DATA)
      • Kinetic Works from the Tiny to the Monumental
      • Media Archaeology Lab
      • remixthebook
      • Museum of Glitch Aesthetics
      • Painting with Bacteria
      • 2014 Vertical Seminar: The Role of Arts Practice in the Research University
      • USC Solar Decathlon
      • Mellon Round I Interim Reports on Curricular Integration and Collaborative Research
      • Words and Music
      • Arts Patrons for the Twenty-First Century
      • Sound Art
      • USC Writer and Composer
      • Art and Technology
      • Art and Technology, Fall 2011
      • Executive Leadership in the Arts
      • Arts Leadership and Arts Entrepreneurship
      • Arts Leadership Practicum
      • Arts and the Community: Current Practice and New Visions
      • Arts Organizations: Innovation and New Models
      • Issues in the Arts and the Contemporary World
      • Building Information Modeling Design Studio
      • Women in Theatre
      • The Shock of the New
      • Design Thinking
      • Visual Perception and Art
      • Color: History, Theory, and Criticism
      • SmartSurfaces
      • Introduction to Creative Process
      • Writing with Video
      • TRANS Graduate Seminar
      • Sketchbook Development
      • (Un)Common Readings
      • Media Experiments in Art and Technology II
      • Analogous Thinking in the Arts and Sciences
      • Art 315
      • ideaLAB
      • Creativity
      • Art 131
      • Creativity in the Curriculum
      • Shells
      • Stanford Senior Reflection
      • Studies in Western Music History: Quantitative and Computational Approaches to Music History
      • Mechanical Invention Through Computation
      • Early Music
      • The Art/Science Thing
      • User-Centered Research and Evaluation
      • Many Different Designations: Rapid Prototyping of Computer Systems
      • Interaction and Expression Using the Pausch Bridge Lighting
      • Process and Theory
      • IxD Fundamentals
      • IxD Studio
      • Interactive Image
      • Interactive Computer Design and Computational Design
      • ETC Project Course
      • Storytelling
      • Electronic Media Studio 2
      • Introduction to the Electronic Media Studio
      • Building Virtual Worlds
      • The Times of London’s Higher Ed Supplement Discusses Arts Practice as Research
      • Art Students Design for the Real (JMU) World
      • Movement and Music: UMD Symphony Orchestra’s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
      • U-M Vice President for Research: “Clearly, art is essential to us.”
      • Slicing a Cone for Art and Science
      • Portrait of the Artist as a Young Engineer
      • The Curb Creative Practice Boot Camp at Vanderbilt
      • The Interactive Theatre Project
      • University of Calgary: Programming for Artists
      • Homewood Arts Certificate Program
      • ArtsAlive (PreLUsion)
      • Aesthetic Computing
      • UNC-CH Honors Arts Fellows
      • Learning How to Create: Toward a Learning Sciences of Art and Design
      • University of Florida Harn Museum Night
      • Media Experiments in Art and Technology
      • Infusion of Art into Freshman Engineering Design
      • Dean Korner Speaks at College of Engineering Design Showcase Industry Partners Dinner
      • Design, Build, and Dance at PennState
      • MIT establishes Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST)
      • SmartSurfaces: A Multidisciplinary, Hands-on Think Tank
      • ArtsEngine Releases Interim Report on Task Force Progress
      • Creativity and Social Network Density
      • From Dewey to No Child Left Behind: The Evolution and Devolution of Public Arts Education
      • From Lessons Learned to Local Action: Build Your Own Policies for Effective Arts Education
      • Art and the Limits of Neuroscience
      • New Federal Inter-Agency Task Force To Explore Arts across the Lifespan
      • What Do Artists Know?
      • Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement
      • Tough Choices or Tough Times
      • The Qualities of Quality: Understanding Excellence in Arts Education
      • Arts Integration Frameworks, Research and Practice: A Literature Review
      • 21st Century Skills Map: The Arts
      • Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development
      • Gifts of the Muse: Reframing the Debate About the Benefits of the Arts
      • Doing Well and Doing Good by Doing Art: The Long-Term Effects of Sustained Involvement in the Visual and Performing Arts During High School
      • The Arts and Academic Achievement: What the Evidence Shows
      • Champions of Change: The Impact of the Arts on Learning
      • Learning, Arts and the Brain: The Dana Consortium Report on Arts and Cognition
      • Research Universities Aim to Strengthen STEM Teaching
      • Creative Process Course (UARTS250)
      • The Heart and the Journey: Case Studies of Collaboration for Arts Integrated Curricula
      • Can Academic Arts Instruction Survive the “Iron Cage of Accountability?”
      • University of Alabama’s Creative Campus Featured in Thomas Friedman’s New Book
      • Let’s Get Serious About Cultivating Creativity
      • Arts, Inc.: How Greed and Neglect Have Destroyed Our Cultural Rights
      • Art Practice Research: Inquiry in Visual Arts
      • Art Worlds (25th Anniversary Edition)
      • Patronizing the Arts
      • Explaining Creativity: The Science of Human Innovation
      • The Arts and the Creation of Mind
      • The Artful Mind: Cognitive Science and the Riddle of Human Creativity
      • The Cambridge Handbook of Creativity
      • The Necessity of Studio Art as a Site and Source for Dissertation Research
      • A Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems: Art and Science
      • Art in Higher Education: The Relationship of Art Experience to Personality, General Creativity, and Aesthetic Performance
      • Taking Responsibility: Higher Education’s Opportunity to Affect the Future of the Arts in Schools
      • “Tell Us About It”: Diverse Student Voices in Creative Practice
      • Finding the Science in Art: An Interdisciplinary Course Linking Art, Math, and Chemistry
      • Does Studying in the Arts Engender Creative Thinking? Evidence for Near but Not for Far Transfer
      • Artistic Expressions in Science and Mathematics
      • Access to Arts beyond High School: Issues of Demand and Availability in American Higher Education
      • Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative
      • Visual Art as a Vehicle for Educational Research
      • Learners Reconceptualising Education: Widening Participation Through Creative Engagement?
      • Why (Liberal) Arts Matter
      • A New Tool in the Doctor’s Bag: Comic Strips
      • The Marketplace of Ideas: Reform and Resistance in the American University
      • Music, Creativity and Scientific Thinking
      • Mute Those Claims: No Evidence (Yet) for a Causal Link Between Arts Study and Academic Achievement
      • The Art and Science of Light: An Interdisciplinary Experience
      • Translating Interdisciplinarity into Professional Success and Personal Satisfaction
      • The Cognitive Neuroscience of Creativity
      • Enrolling Economics in the Aid of Advocacy
      • more
    • » H3 (10 times) :
      • View All Partners
      • Become a Partner
      • a2ru Welcomes New Committee Members
      • Mellon Review of Best Practices Will Be Presented at the 2015 a2ru National Conference
      • Updates to the 2015 a2ru National Conference Agenda
      • Question of the Moment
      • What Partners are Saying
      • Participate
      • Stay in Touch
      • More about Us
      • more
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