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Common Mistakes Web Designers Make With Mobile Development


This web site score is 23 which means nothing works here. The web site owners must take immediate action to improve the site for search engines. Take a look at our articles to give you an idea for your web sites to be better place in the results.

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23 /100
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    The title tag of your web page has 0 characters. Best number is between 50-60 characters for most search engines.

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    Meta Description of your web site has length of 0 characters. There is no limit for Meta Desciription Lenght but search engines usally don’t show longer than 160 caharacters. You should keep between 150-160 characters.

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    Meta Keywords help search engines to understand what website is about and what kind of content serves to people. Meta Keywords are hidden in HTML code. Only search engines can see. Meta Keywords in your page is listed down below.

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    Important keywords for your page are listed down below. Visitors can see Keyword Cloud on your page with a larger fonts.

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    Heading is very important for HTML structure and that means very important for search engines as well. Use your important keyword H1 and never duplicate it.

  • Meta Tags :

    Meta Tags describes aspect of the content of a web page.

  • HTML Tags :

    An HTML tag is a text document which must be used to explain the page structure.

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    Site speed for this page is 5047 ms. You only have 10-20 seconds to impress your visitors; use this opportunity the best way you can.

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Last Update : 2015-11-15 Check Again
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